Are you looking for a church that is

   •  Alive with the Living Presence of Christ?
   •  Deeply mystical?
   •  Based on ancient tradition?
   •  Supportive of meditation & spiritual growth?
   •  Committed to freedom of thought & belief?
   •  Welcoming to absolutely everyone?

If so, please join us on Sunday mornings!

Worried about being judged here? Please don’t!

What we don’t care about:
   your “religion”
   whether you are married, single, or divorced
   your background, nationality, color, or sexual orientation
   how much money you have
   how much money you give us
   how you dress
   where you live
   what schools you went to
   whether you have previously been baptized or confirmed

What we do care about:
   your longing for “the peace that passes understanding”
   your openness to spiritual unfoldment
   your willingness to participate in the work of transformation

We care about who you really are because we know what you really are: a true son or daughter of the Living God, called to grow to “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” — as are we all.

And regular participation in the sacramental life of the Church will enrich your individual life in ways you may not be able to imagine yet.

a note from a parishioner:

By the way, you know [my son] is getting so much better. Coming to Mass is really having a very positive impact that is carrying over to other areas of his life. [His] faith in God is really growing. I think he has more faith than I do. He is a lot more calm now in everyday life. ... I start to be proud of him because now I feel there is hope for him.

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