Holy Eucharist

Celebrated most Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM. If the Holy Eucharist is not celebrated, then Sr. Kathleen leads the service of Prime. Services are streamed on Zoom.

This is the main communal work of our church, with benefits for both the participants and for the community at large.

All adults who approach the altar with reverence are welcome to receive Communion, regardless of church membership.

All children over the age of 8 who have received their first Communion are welcome to receive.

Note: Please contact Fr. Alan to verify that Holy Eucharist will be celebrated on a particular Sunday before driving out for services. Also contact Fr. Alan if you would like to attend by Zoom.

For more information, see our Guide for Newcomers.


Private healing by appointment, which can be easily arranged to follow Holy Eucharist.

Our Lady's Rosary of the Seven Rays

Sr. Kathleen regularly prays the Rosary and invites you to join her. Contact her to arrange.

For more information about the Rosary as prayed in The Liberal Catholic Church, click here.

House Blessing

By appointment. This is a wonderful way to uplift and protect your home.


Services are held in the home chapel of Fr. Alan and Kathleen Clute. Please call 505-705-0289 for directions.

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